IWA Evolution News

Grudge Match Scheduled for August 3rd!

Our final announcement for this Saturday’s Support Our Soldiers involves former friends looking to settle a score.

Once on friendlier terms, Scott Prodigy and Angus O’Toole have taken their battle from ring-to-ring all over the region. IWA Evolution spoke to both grapplers and they have both agreed to bring another chapter of their saga to August 3rd’s event!

While former friends look to settle their dispute in this anticipated bout, it’s the fans that will have to figure on which competitor to side with, as each wrestler is not beneath taking a shortcut to show the other who “the man” is!

Angus O’Toole, a fiery Scotsman, brings his rugged, powerhouse style to IWA Evolution. Having fought all over the Great Lakes region, O’Toole boasts an impressive win/loss record and is one block of humanity that is difficult to pin to the mat.

Scott Prodigy arrives by way of Pittsburgh, PA and is dead set on changing the minds of his “haters!” Having trained underneath former ECW champion Taz, Prodigy exhibits a similar mean streak that has earned him tryouts with both WWE and Ring of Honor.

Each man has the intensity and motivation to win: which one will turn up the fire and come out victorious?