The Stars of IWA Evolution

“Big Time” Bill Collier

250 lbs.

Jacksonville, Florida

“Flyin” Ryan Burke

175 lbs.

Niles, OH

“Mr. Thriller” Johnny Mercury

215 lbs.

Tauranga, New Zealand

“The Ultimate Beef” Angus O’Toole

220 lbs.

Dundee, Scotland

“The Ultimate Male” Preston Steele

250 lbs.

San Diego, California

Alex Mathews

200 lbs.

Hazzard County, GA

Brittany Force

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Doink The Clown

248 lbs.

Circus City, USA

Jesse McCoy

155 lbs.

Hazzard County, GA

Joey Vincent Martini

235 lbs.

Youngstown, Ohio

Lord Zoltan

230 lbs.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Mad Dog Arkham

205 lbs.

The Rocky Mountains

Moondog Scrap

268 lbs.

Great Smoky Mountains

Scott Prodigy

232 lbs.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sera Feeny

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Shawn Blaze

200 lbs.

Bangor, ME

The Aftermath

172 lbs.

Chicago, Illinois

The Bouncer

230 lbs.

Sugar Foot Lounge in Youngstown. Ohio